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BUG Talks and Gardens by the Bay

October sees the nights really drawing in, which I find a bit depressing. However, one bright spot on the horizon is the start of this season's talks at the University of Bath Gardening Club (aka BUG).

I'm particularly excited about the first one next week, because it features the pictured Gardens by the Bay. I first saw their Avatar like presence in one of the gardening magazines a while back and I've been itching to find out more about them ever since.

It just so happens the landscape architects responsible (Grant Associates) are based in Bath and offered to come to talk to BUG, so we have Andrew Grant and Patrick Bellew coming to tell us all about their work :)

By coincidence Grant Associates' PR company contacted me recently and gave me permission to use the above image. It also means I'll have plenty more for when I write up next week's talk. Not only that, I'm hoping Andrew Grant will be a VP VIP very soon :)

I see Derry hasn't updated her websit…

Apple Days: Going Local

October 21st is now firmly established as Apple Day in the calendar thanks to the sterling efforts of Common Ground over many years. Until 2010 they published a great calendar of events which made it ultra easy to find a suitable one to attend.

Sadly the calendar is no longer kept up to date, though their Apple Day page is still worth a visit to find leads for possible events in 2012. There's also lots of information about apple lore and traditions, apple based games and a 'toolbox' of ideas to help you arrange your own event.

I've decided to go to a local Apple Day this year, so here's what I've found so far in case you'd like to go to one too.

What's on in Wiltshire 2012
Holt - Punkie Apple Day at The Courts - October 29th @ 12 - 4pm (included in admission price)Lacock - Apple Day at Lacock Abbey- October 21st @ 10.30am - 5.30pm (included in admission price)Marlborough - Big Apple Day - October 14th @ 9am - 3pm (free)Swindon - Celebrating National Appl…

A Cheat's* Guide to Salad Growing

This post is for my new commenter Black and Tabby (welcome!) who asked after my Rich Pickings post recently:

Hi, have been following 'salad days' for a while but only just got my allotment up and running so only just sowing. Is it worth putting in a row of beetroot, or salad leaves now, or is it getting too cold for them. Appreciate any advice! #newbie

I gave some advice on what she could do then (too late now) in my comment reply, but her question and its timing got me thinking on what can be done when things don't quite go to plan e.g.

we don't get the timing right for a particular crop because other tasks got in the wayrampaging slugs and snails eat up everything in sight (how many posts and tweets have we had on that subject this year?!!!!), or some other plague or pestilence lays our salads lowour lovingly sown seeds don't come up (like my non-existent spinach this autumn)there wasn't room at the time, but there's some space magically free nowsupply you…


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